The application and website(s) are provided “as is” and no claims can be made in relation to using them or the information provided.

Please be aware of the environment you are in while searching for the Northern Lights. Nature can be both beautiful and relentless, especially in winter, so please tread carefully and do not take unnecessary risks!

Privacy Policy

Our servers only collect standard metrics that are required for servicing requests (like your public IP for example) and do not relay any data to third parties. Your location data is not logged or stored on our systems.

By using the App’s Location tab you will load third party components from Mapbox (please find their privacy policy here).

By explicitly opening a link on the App’s Weather tab your location will be forwarded to the selected provider and you will have to read up on their respected privacy policy.

This app has no advertisements and is only monetized by selling “Premium” Licenses (see App Settings).

Location Data

The location and timezone you set on the App’s Location tab will be used by our servers to provide you with relevant position-based information as well as show all times in your selected timezone.

Determining your current location only happens when you click the “use my current location” icon.

Because you can select your location manually you have full control over it’s accuracy. Please keep in mind you do not have to be exact in setting your location. Anything within a 10km radius should work equally well.


Browser App

Cookies are only used for the browser based version of this application and are not in use on the Android and iOS apps.

In order for the browser based app to function correctly we use cookies to relay information between browser and server.

First party cookies:

  • Interface, 30 days (topic, appMode, speedBzMode, experimentalMode).
  • Location, 30 days (latitude, longitude).
  • License, 1 day after expiry (license)
  • Localisation, 30 days (timezone, timezoneoffset)

Third party cookies: none

This Website

Only functional first party cookies.

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